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SAORI Cashmere Yarn Set cones (B)

SAORI Cashmere Yarn Set cones (B)


This is a great set of cotton weaving yarn to give you a rainbow of colours. Beautiful, bright cotton yarns for warp or weft in 18 different colours. The yarns are equivalent to 2/8 (8/2) cotton. The total amount of yarn is approximately 3.2 kg.

Regular Fine Cotton
Available in 36 colours
10/3, 100% Cotton, 180g per cone, approximately 1015m per cone
Good for warp and weft
Good for all kinds of weaving
Can be purchased by 18-colour set or by cone.

2. Pink, 3. Red, 4. Dark Red, 5. Orange, 6. Yellow, 7. Yellow-green, 8. Green, 9. Light Blue10. Turquoise, 11. Navy, 12. Reddish Blue, 13. Purple, 14. Beige, 15. Light Brown, 16. Dark Brown, 17. Reddish Gray, 18. Gray, 19. Black

(Note: natural - colour 1, not included in set)

Shipping to Canadian addresses only.

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