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SAORI Cultivated Silk Set - 18 cones

SAORI Cultivated Silk Set - 18 cones


This silk yarn from SAORI Japan has a wonderful sheen to it and a slub as well. Weaves up beautifully - very soft and a great drape.

Cultivated Silk from SAORI Japan.

Available in 18 colours

20/2, 100% Cultivated silk slub yarn, 160g per cone, approximately 1600m per cone

Good for warp and weft

Good for all kinds of weaving


1. White, 2. Rose, 3. Agate, 4. Burnt Sienna, 5. Amber, 6. Lime, 7. Leaf Green, 8. Jade Green, 9. Peacock

10. Sky Blue, 11. Night Blue, 12. Purple, 13. Peony Purple, 14. Ivory, 15. Pigeon, 16. Silver Gray, 17. Smoked Bamboo, 18. Japan Black

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