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  • Which is the most popular loom and why?
    The WX60 is the most popular loom. The main reason that people give is that it is made of all wood and so looks really nice. The basic design of the looms is the same and all high quality, made in Japan. The "W" stands for all WOOD The "X" stands for folding (it is an X-shaped frame) The "60" means that it has a 60 cm weaving width There are a couple of differences between the WX60 and the SX60 other than the material. The braking system on the WX60 is a pedal with a rubber rim wheel. The brake pedal grips the rubber wheel to stop the warp from advancing. The WX60 can accommodate height extenders (optional add on, purchased separately) to raise the height of the loom by 5 or 10 cm for taller weavers. The WX60 can also accommodate the addition of wheels (optional add on, purchased separately) to easily roll the loom from one room to another.
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