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SAORI 4-harness kit for 60 series looms

SAORI 4-harness kit for 60 series looms

The new SAORI 4-harness conversion kit is now available.
The new kit will include:
- 4 harnesses with 105 heddles on each harness
- a spring system that fits under the shelf and replaces the counterbalance bar
- 4 lamms used for hooking up the treadles in different patterns (these hang from the harnesses)
- 6 treadles that replace the 2 pedals
- pedal cords (length depends on your model of loom and with or without height extenders)
- plus hardware required
- plus instructions for the conversion


This kit is loom specific due to the length of cords required for tie-up.  This kit is for the standard sized SX60 or WX60 with or the WX60 with 2" height extenders.  If you have 4" height extenders or a CH60 or SX60H please contact me.


There is also a kit for the WX90 that can be ordered by special order with a deposit.  Please contact me for more information

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