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SAORI Cotton Set B - 18 Cones (set B)

SAORI Cotton Set B - 18 Cones (set B)


This is a great set of cotton weaving yarn to give you a rainbow of colours. Beautiful cotton yarns for warp or weft in 18 different colours. The yarns are equivalent to 2/8 (8/2) cotton. The total amount of yarn is approximately 3.2 kg.

Regular Fine Cotton
Available in 36 colours
10/3, 100% Cotton, 180g per cone, approximately 1015m per cone
Good for warp and weft
Good for all kinds of weaving
Can be purchased by 18-colour set or by cone.

20. White, 21 Cherry Blossom, 22. Coral, 23. Peach, 24. Egg, 25. Tangerine, 26. Vivid Green, 27. Blue, 28. Indigo,29. Violet, 30. Grape, 31. Light Purple, 33. Mustard, 34. Persimmon, 35. Brown-green, 36. Blue Green, 37. Charcoal Gray

Shipping to Canadian addresses only.

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